10 Things You Can Tweet About On Twitter

I recently introduced my brother and his company to Twitter, and the first question asked was truthful and simple:

“Um, this is all good.. but what do we Tweet about?”

I like to use the “big room” analogy to help people get a better understanding of what to Tweet about: Imagine you’re walking into a big room of fellow professionals, all mixing and mingling.

You might smile at someone and say “Great shirt!”, or you  may recognize a familiar face and ask “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”. You can ask directions to the appetizer table, roll your eyes and comment how crowded it is, jump into an overheard comment, or simply smile.

Applied to Twitter (and using it to network with others for business purposes), you can find many ways to create touchpoints with your friends and followers.

Here are 10 things you can Tweet about- drag this list out when your mind runs blank.

1. @Replies

The best way to develop relationships with people is to respond to their posts and conversations. Key in the @ sign followed by the person’s username (no spaces) with your response. Give support, laugh, share a similar experience… do what you can to show others that you’re interested in what they are Tweeting about.


Second to @Replies are Retweets. When you see shareworthy posts, key in the letters RT or the word Retweet then @TheirUserName. If you use applications like TweetDeck or Twhirl, it makes this very easy. Retweeting is good karma 2.0!

3. Countdowns

You can fill an event and build anticipation by counting down to start time. 1 day left, 1 hour left, 5 minutes left… this strategy has worked incredibly well for live video casts, podcasts, teleseminars, and even in-person Tweet Ups!

4. Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger, let folks read your latest post by Tweeting the title and a link. Better yet, make it really simple by using a site like Twitterfeed.

5. “As-It-Happens” Updates

Whether you’re wandering an Expo Hall, attending a webinar, at a conference, or listening to a teleseminar, you can create a live newsfeed with your Tweets.

6. Photos

Use a site like TwitPic to upload a photo and send a Tweet simultaneously. What’s great about TwitPic is that when people leave comments on your photos, it will send those out as Tweets too.

7. Questions

This is a favorite of mine. Simply ask a question and watch your friends and followers respond. Great for impromptu market research or quick feedback.

8. Maladies

It’s OK if your Tweets aren’t all rays of sunshine and optimism… sometimes we need to commiserate in the public stream. When you Tweet about your sore throat, computer crash, lost cat, or stressful day, you’ll be amazed at the outpouring of expert support.

9. Celebrations

Tweet about getting a new client, finishing a big project, meeting a deadline, achieving a milestone, or whatever else merits a bit of festivity.This is a great way for others to learn about your achievements in a non-boastful way.

10. Trivial Touchpoints

Believe it or not, profitable contacts have been made on Twitter simply by sharing what you’re doing at the moment. Whether it’s drinking coffee, watching the Sopranos, standing in line, or waiting out a toddler tantrum, the mundane can turn itself into an avenue for real connections.

Twitter is no great mystery, it’s simply digital small talk. Small talk opens the doors to bigger, more profitable conversations. Use these 10 Twitter techniques to break the ice and make valuable touchpoints.

I’d love your favorite ways to use Twitter, drop a note in the comments box!

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  • http://homebusinessmarketing.youmakeitup.com Mary K Weinhagen

    This is a GREAT list! Thanks.

    I'll also add that sharing interesting sites you run across always seems welcome by some of your followers. ;-)

    –Mary K

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    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))

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  • http://www.meetfriendsmakemoney.com/blog/ Shinil Payamal

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the awesome blog post. I really agree with you when you say that one must Retweet good tweets as part of his/her Good Karma 2.0! People are always complaining about bad content online but they themselves seldom promote good content by either retweeting it, Stumbling it or Digging it.

    Best Wishes,


    @shinils on Twitter – http://twitter.com/shinils

  • http://www.iacez.com Jessica Routier, IAC

    Great post! I'd also like to add that if you work in a virtual organization, Twitter can help you get to know the people you work with!

  • http://www.MyFavoriteSelfHelpStuff.com Elisabeth Kuhn

    Great tips! And great resource list too, and all in one place! Thanks so much. I'll have to get started with some of these (photos, and twitterfeed especially).


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  • http://feeds.feedburner.com/SandraMartini Sandra Martini

    Hey Miss Nancy,

    In addition to all of the above (my Twiends will remember the day my Blackberry went down, boy did I share!), I love to hop on Twitter (thru Twhirl) and just jump into conversations if something interests me.

    I'm also a huge fan of quotes and so post one a day…they've been a great conversation starter.

    Happy New Year!

    See you in Twitterland,


    Sandy :-)

    <abbr>Sandra Martinis last blog post..A rather different approach to planning for 2009</abbr>

  • http://www.WellnessDestinationsCentral.com Carla Golden

    Thank you, Nancy! As a Twitter newbie, this clarifies much of the mystery.

    Be well, Carla aka OneHealthyGirl.com


  • Lisa Almeida

    Thanks so much for this list, Nancy. I love the concept of Twitter but sometimes get stumped by the best way to engage.

    Big surprise, considering I'm pretty bad at small talk and the networking schmoozy thing face-to-face too.

    Thanks for sharing some good "point and shoot" tips to Tweep me from Twipping over my cyber self. :)

  • Ruth Sias

    Thanks for this great, valuable information. I've been really active on Twitter lately and am really grasping the power only recently. I signed up a year ago, but didn't quite "get it". This information is extremely useful.


    Ruth Sias

  • http://www.ceimbracazi.ro sonia

    Thank you Nancy! I'm a new tweet and I appreciate all the info in your article.

    Best wishes,

    Sonia http://twitter.com/ceimbracazi

    <abbr>sonias last blog post..Kim Cattrall si excursia mea la New York</abbr>

  • http://twitter.com/greqo Greqo

    This is a good list. I have already implemented about 2 of these earlier before stumbling onto this article.

  • http://www.twitter.com/teeshirtandties nichola

    OMG how can people not tweet bout things? i always have to state something!

  • http://www.twitter.com/teeshirtandties nichola

    OMG how can people not tweet bout things? i always have to state something!

  • amanda

    Good suggestions on what to tweet about! It's a perfect guide for new twitter users uneasy about broadcasting themselves to the an endless supply of readers. While tweeting is something that may come natural to users (especially those who are experienced tweeters), I can speak from experience that it can feel a bit awkward at first. As you know, Twitter can be a great networking tool when used properly. I am sure that we could also add a list of things "not" to tweet about – things that potential future employers will not want to see! I appreciate this great post. Thanks again!

  • http://twitter.com/jamie_kanner Jamie Kanner

    Great article Nancy!

  • http://www.katzztheva.com Katherine Ortiz

    I find it very cool and interesting that this post is about 2 years old, but yet it is still circulating out there and being a new post to people like me. I am still learning about twitter and how to use it to get my VA business out there.
    thanks for sharing, I will keep this post as a reminder like you said to look back at when I get stuck and need to remind myself about what types of things I can tweet about.
    Katherine Ortiz

  • Reem

    Great post, Nancy!  Very useful for a twitter newbie like me. :-)  PS – Love your new brand.

  • Zach

    This was helpful, I just made this today. LOL. Well, hopefully I’ll start understanding this more.

  • http://www.tapdance2freedom.com/ Elaine

    Good info!  When I get set up on twitter, I will know what to do.  Thank you.

  • Nathan1111

    Thank you :)

  • Shinysparkle12

    Thank You :)

  • Anne Gage

    If you’re tweeting for business, share information that is valuable to your market. Start discussions. The idea is to make a connections with potential clients. If you’re tweeting for personal reasons – well just about anything goes.

  • Grace Briske

    Thank you for the tips. I love your energy, it gives me what I need right noe