How to Create a Winning Social Networking Profile

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It’s true: first impressions are lasting impressions.

This philosophy holds true in your social networking, and nowhere is this more evident than on your profile pages. Your social networking profile page is often the first big impression you make on your contacts. (Other first impressions can happen when making comments or participating in discussions which will be discussed in a future article.)

When on Facebook, Twitter, Friend Feed, and all the other popular sites, be sure you post profiles that make people want to know more about you and your business. Here are some tips for you to create a winning profile page that makes your friends and followers take notice and want to do business with you!

1. Speak Your Expertise with Confidence
A winning profile leads with your expertise and clearly states who you are, what you do, who you work with, and the results you help create. Don’t start off with the fact that you’re a grandmother of 5 or a nature lover or else you’ll create a distraction. Lead with your expertise ALWAYS so people don’t have to dig into all the copy to find out what type of business you’re in.

2. Soften It Up With a Personal Touch
After you lead with your professional expertise, you want to round it out with some interesting personal information. Include what you feel most comfortable with, such as hobbies, marital status, family info, or fun quirky things you think others might find interesting.

3. Connect with a Great Photo
Your social networking profile always includes space for a photo of you. Choose a photo that shows your face clearly, not a distant photo of you in a big crowd. Experts say that a picture of you looking directly at the camera will create connection faster with your viewer than pictures of you looking away from the camera. Be honest with your profile picture, too… that means to use a fairly recent photo, not the old standby you’ve been using since 1995.Don’t be afraid to have fun with your photos, as you can see in this post.

4. Make it Easy for People to Learn More About You
Be sure to leave links to your website, blog, and other social networking sites so people can move into your inner circle. Be sure all your links are “live” by using http:// in each web address. (Many people just use “www” and miss the traffic that can be visiting their site.)

5. Give yourself the 10 Second Test
You have no more than 10 seconds to make an impression on visitors who come to your social networking profile pages. Some experts say you have even LESS time than that, so make sure it’s easy to get who you are, what you do, and how you help others. Check your formatting and make sure all the paragraphs aren’t lumped into one big block of text.

When you have a strong profile page that makes it easy for friends to figure out who you are, what you do, and how you help others, then you have a greater chance of finding the right business connections. It’s important not to blend into the woodwork in the world of social networking. With these tips, your profile will stand out and generate more interest and visibility for your business!

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  • Rhonda Hess, Coachin

    Exactly what you taught me in your fabulous Platinum coaching!

  • Karen Hurd

    Great easy to use tips. Now I'll review my profiles for the

    10 second test. Thanks!

    <abbr>Karen Hurds last blog post..Twitter Updates for 2008-09-03</abbr>

  • Sharon

    Great post, Nancy. It is so true that the first impression is a lasting impression…or a least a difficult one to change. As a Book Yourself Solid Coach at Impression Engineers, we work with clients all the time to help them get clear on Who they are and What they do. So many people are so talented they have a hard time choosing what to focus on. Clarity and Focus are important to a solid profile and to success.


    Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach

    <abbr>Sharons last blog post..Random Rants</abbr>

  • Lisa Almeida

    Thanks Nancy, Timely topic for me as I'm in the midst of tuning my niche – including finding the best words to communicate it clearly and quickly with a sprinkle of a sneak peek into what makes me, me. It uses a lot of "think cells" but I'm already seeing some results just from the wee little change in my title from a Strategic Marketing Consultant & Mentor to a Strategic E-marketing Consultant & Mentor :)

  • David Finch

    Great list of tips. There's nothing better than a well thought out social networking profile.

    <abbr>David Finchs last blog post..Your Weekend Reader: Late Edition</abbr>

  • Jennifer Haubein


    Great information! I have used your information from a teleseminar you gave and it helped me setup a winning facebook profile. Thanks for the great tips.

    Jennifer Haubein

  • Ali

    This is such a timely topic. People need to know exactly what to do and how to do it well… when in Social Networks.

    Gracias, Comadre.

  • Tom Buford, Fee-Sett


    Great information, as always. This is certainly on base with my fee-setting topic as well. It's easier to charge what you deserve when you make a great first impression.



  • Bea

    I love this article because, as usual, it's easy to follow and understand. I know exactly what I need to do to tighten up all my "me" content. Thanks, Nancy, you're always on target!

  • Diana Long,Results E

    Hi Nancy,

    Another awesome, valuable article.Thanks for your insights.You help make it easy!

    <abbr>Diana Long,Results Expert for Business & Life Successs last blog post..Diana Long Interviewed by Sharon Capehart October 2</abbr>

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  • Nancy Marmolejo

    Thanks for the great feedback!

  • Marco Ramirez

    After reading this, I cleaned up my Facebook page and unfollowed people on Twitter to clean up both sites. In this article, you make very insightful, practical points. Thank you!

    <abbr>Marco Ramirezs last blog post..MarcoRamirez: Reading at the Lyric Cafe (Hyperion and Lyric) – this is a great place!</abbr>

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