Using Twitter Hash Tags to Boost Your Visibility and Credibility

Have you ever seen a post on Twitter that includes a # before a cluster of letters or a word? That’s called a hashtag and it’s a great tool to use to sort through and link to conversations on Twitter.

Social networking how-to is a fast moving world. Chances are you’re seeing hashtags left and right but you’re not getting enough information on how to use them. (Social networking expert Mari Smith made a great video on that, scroll to the end of this post for a link to that and other great resources)

By placing the # symbol before a word, phrase, or abbreviation, it creates a mini-search engine phrase that can be looked up and followed on Twitter.

Hashtags organize Tweets, but they also raise the online visibility level of events, conferences, teleseminars, holidays, and much more. You can use hashtags to bring increased visibility to your business by following these simple tips:

1. Learn How Twitter HashTags Work

Look around the Twitter stream and notice where people are using hashtags. The best way to understand them is to observe them in context and to start clicking. Click on the hash tag and it will take you to the Twitter search page where you’ll see every Tweet that also uses this hash tag. From there you can find out what the hashtag is being used for, who is using it, and in most cases links to where you can get more information.

2. Jump Right In and Start Using Hashtags

The best way to learn is to take action, so my suggestion is to jump right in. For instance, every Friday you’ll see people on Twitter make recommendations of their favorite “Tweeple” to follow by using the hashtag #followfriday. This is a good place to start if you’re new.

3. Create a Unique HashTag for Your Next Event

The next time you host any kind of event that attracts Twitter users,  get your attendees to Tweet about it by giving them a specific hashtag. For example, when I do teleseminars and events I tell participants to Tweet about it in real time using the hashtag #vivavis which is short for my business, Viva Visibility.

My friend Leesa Barnes created the hashtag #smt09 for her Social Media Telesummit event that took place in January 2009. Every time she hosted a call, the Twitterverse was busily keeping track of the interviews by posting the tag on their comments and Tweets.

Twitter hashtags are like having a paddle to navigate the whitewater streams of Twitter. They add organization, the ability to track, and increase your online visibility by associating your name with a topic or trend.

Great resources to check out:

Do you have a hashtag you’d like others to follow? Be sure to share about it in the comments with links.

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  • Amethyst Wyldfyre

    Thx again Nancy for your Stellar Timing – you must be on the "Psychic Hotline" seems everytime I wonder about something – there you are with the answer #gratitude to you!!

    Love and infinite blessings,


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  • Niche Marketing for

    You've given me some useful insights – thanks!

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  • Karen Goddard

    thanks -this was really useful, as I am new to Twitter this really helps -so much to learn

  • Val Silver

    Thanks Nancy, I'm new to the "twitterverse" and was wondering about those. You explained it very clearly and I hope to start using them. Thanks again.

  • Jill Freeman

    OMG how easy this just became! Thanks Nancy for this tip and links for further explanation.

    <abbr>Jill Freemans last blog post..What Are You Doing To Get Sales Today? 5 Essentials To Get You Through The Recession</abbr>

  • Beth Serata Miller,

    I thought I was missing a language, and had been searching for something to explain all the hashes – Thanks – you really Rock!

    • Nancy Marmolejo

      It's like we just found the Twitter Rosetta stone! :-)

  • Layla D. Smith @w


    Tomorrow starts the #RSWPLIVE event that I'm attending. very easy way to track who else is attending and the buzz surrounding the event. Thank you for calling attention to this fantastic tool!

  • carla

    I have been wonder what those "#" were called and I have been trying to do a search and didn’t find any information! Thank you so much for posting this.

    <abbr>carlas last blog post..Save water, time and money in your yard</abbr>

  • Michele PW

    I was just explaining this to a colleague last week — fabulous post. Also, I wanted to add that using hashmarks has another benefit in that it increases your followers. Every time I tweet about an event or followfriday and use the hashmarks, I always have a corresponding uptick in followers. So if you're looking to add more followers, using the hashmarks is a good thing to do!

    <abbr>Michele PWs last blog post..3 Things to NEVER Do With Your Social Networking Profile</abbr>

  • Ray Lanfear

    always find your information very informative, practical and useful thanks for the tip. I'm 66 years young, and having the time of my life in my Internet business.

  • Basel

    I just wondered do you enter this # before the keyword you want to use?

  • Pat Anzanello

    Finally I got it! Thank you very much!

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  • Brenda Heisler

    Wow Nancy! You took the mystery out of it! I'm going to contribute to #FollowFriday and take it from there.

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  • snowboard lifestyle

    Thanks a lot for the information i was wondering what was the fuss with the #-words and now i got it :)

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  • Frank

    Thanks, Nancy, I just started using hash tags and one shows up in searches and the other doesn't. ?? I don't understand it. I used #marriage-courage and #marriage-friendly my twitter address is If you try my hash searches and have a solution for me, please let me know. Thanks. –frank

  • No

    I can’t believe how many pages there are which explain hashtags and the length of such articles. None of these articles tell Twitter users that the tags DO NOT WORK for new users. What needs explaining is that fact! Really how long does it take to explain that any word preceded by # shows up in searches.