What Would You Do With Your Business in a Crisis? Here’s What I Did

Life Happens to BusinessSometimes when you least expect it, life happens at lightning speed.

Recently I’ve had a number of things happen that need my immediate attention. My husband is having health problems, all stemming from advanced stages of diabetes. He’s in the hospital as I write this.

I am so grateful to friends, colleagues, and perfect strangers who shared words of encouragement with me after I posted a quick reality check on Facebook:

Got a LOT of ailing people around me. Mom has cancer, hubby’s got to start dialysis. So grateful to have such amazing, supportive people in my life, especially my business girlfriends! Clients, colleagues, et al have been super supportive while I had a crazy week. Appreciating the prayers and light you’re all sending my way! Thanking Creator for putting you all in my life. :-)

Over 50 people left comments of love, light, healing, and support.

I felt pulled in many directions and finally hit the end of my rope. Super Woman needed a break and with some very kind and compassionate advice from Therese Skelly, Catherine Bruns, Andy Spyros and a number of others, I sent out a request for help.

First off, Therese facilitated a call for my mastermind group. She rocked it and was able to help my clients with her talents and gifts.

Catherine sent me a checklist of things I could start doing for myself. She was very matter of fact yet very loving with her advice. She’s known me for over 7 years and understands how I often push myself full throttle and forget to check the fuel gauge.

Andy, a retail store owner and psychic in training, gave me incredible insights into the energetic side of things. Like Catherine, she’s known me for years and sees (more clearly than I do!) when I need to step back.

So here’s what I did… and let me tell you THIS WASN’T EASY BUT I’M SO GLAD I DID IT.

1. I came to terms with the fact that I needed help and was in overwhelm. Admitting the problem is the first step.

2. I made a list of colleagues I could ask to help me. I sent a very honest email out on Saturday morning and within minutes I had people offering to conduct a virtual retreat I had planned for my clients, to coach my clients, to write blog posts.

3. In that email, I also stated that I could not repay or reciprocate the favor. I was asking selfishly and that anyone stepping forward would understand that. This was HARD to do. I’m so about giving, and as Andy pointed out to me, I tend to meet people halfway then 10 steps beyond. (Can anyone else relate to this?)

4. Working from a hospital waiting room with my Blackberry, a stack of index cards and a really nice pen a guy at EZ Lube gave me because I needed a pen (it’s my favorite pen because it reminds me of the kindness of strangers) I kept track of all the responses. 8 people offered to clear their schedules for me. 10 people are sending guest blog posts. Everyone sent hugs and prayers.

5. Whoa. That was my response. Love, love, love. Pouring out, generously, unconditionally, for fun and for free. These are true friends.

Laura West called my cell and we chatted briefly while I was getting ready to head back to the hospital. Here’s what we realized:

You know how when there’s a crisis, friends and family will come over with covered casserole dishes? Well, this outpouring of support was the virtual business version of coming over with casseroles.

My friends are spread out across the globe. They can’t come over and babysit or clean my house, but they can take over some things in my business. They show their love, care, and support by sending blog posts and offering to answer questions from my clients.

This is yet another reason why relationships in business are so important.

You’ll see what this type of support looks like in the next few weeks as several guest blog posts are published. Not only will you get great information on making money doing what you love, online visibility, social media, productivity, and all the things we need for a thriving business…

… but you’ll also see WHO my most amazing friends are when you read my blog in coming weeks.

Thanks everyone for the understanding.

THIS is what a heart based business network looks like!

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  • http://twitter.com/queenmarypat MaryPat Kavanagh

    Nancy, I am so glad that you are experiencing the love of your friends! I think that your experience right now is a reminder to all of us who have built an online empire. The reminder is that we need systems and support to keep going when "life happens". Thank you for allowing me to be part of the "support" to keep you going. xo

    • http://www.vivavisibilityblog.com Nancy Marmolejo

      So true, MaryPat! And thank you for being one of the cherished friends I know I can call upon.

  • http://www.advantatraining.com Linda Friedman


    Your generosity oozes out of you like honey.

    It is honey! It is golden, rich in vitamins, and glowing from the inside. Its transparent visibility can be seen for thousands of miles.

    And like honey you will be strengthened by this adversity, just as honey is made one small contribution at a time. . There are thousands of bees contributing their small portion to this beautiful outcome. You have selected, grown and inspired many “helping” bees, they are working now by contributing their small portion to your beautiful outcome. The only place for you to make more honey is with your family. That’s your job right now….the rest of us will help with the “other work”.

    I’m happy to help in anyway I can….Linda

  • http://twitter.com/TammyRedmon Tammy Redmon

    Dear Nancy,

    Thank you for showing such great humility and allowing those you have influenced be of support to you. You are modeling the best form of exquisite self-care and I acknowledge you for your doing so with grace.

    The friends you have around you both virtually and in person will continue to lift you up and as you have shown it comes through in the power of the ask.

    My prayers will be bold for you and your family during this time. Continue to push the pause button as needed and ask for help at will. I look forward to seeing more from your friends and learning from them too as you hang up the Super Woman cape for a while.

    Blessings to you.

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  • http://www.happyinbusiness.com Therese Skelly

    Nancy, I'm so proud of you for using even the most challenging of times to still show up teaching, demonstrating, and authentically showing what it means to be a heart centered entrepreneur.

    It is a delight to be in your circle and I'm happy I could contribute my slice of the virtual casserole. Of course, mine was the gluten free piece, right? LOL

    Much love,


    • http://www.vivavisibilityblog.com Nancy Marmolejo

      Thank you Therese and everyone else! Yes, a gluten free, dairy free casserole is here from you. LOL

      Feeling so much love!

  • http://www.YourWiseVoice.com Catherine

    So glad to be part of your friend circle and support team! You have such amazing people around you because of how amazing YOU are! There are so many people who want to help you, not only because you have helped them, but because your spirit and heart are so full. You just did a virtual trust fall – and everyone caught you! Love you!

  • http://VisionForSuccess.biz Ali

    OMG, Nancita, I must have missed your email as I didn't know what's going on in your life until just now. As usual, and as we've done in the past, you can count on me to help out with clients, blogs, teleclasses, and just about anything that you can think of. In addition to prayers, know that my heart is with you, and send healing energy to Paco, and to you my dearest friend, all my love.

    Ali´s last blog post ..Are you choosing “Freedom” in 2011

  • http://www.theenergyjourney.com Amethyst Wyldfyre

    When you cast your bread upon the waters it comes back 10,000 fold. You my dear have been a HUGE guiding light on my path – you are the kind of woman and the kind of business woman who will reach down to help another up and when you are down why shouldn't the Universe reciprocate in SPADES! It's been interesting to watch what has unfolded for you and I'm SO glad that you chose to care for yourself – it takes a real LEADER to know that you don't know everything and you can't do everything and what you are modeling for ALL of us is precious beyond words. Supporting you in every way is something that is not only easy and natural but is what LOVE does…..

    Maybe you can take that Super woman cape and make draperies (kind of like Miss Scarlett took those draperies to make a dress in Gone With the Wind!) so you can draw them closed in the middle of the day and lay down for a nice restorative nap.

    May you, your mother, your husband, your daughter and your business be overwhelmed with BLESSINGS.

    Love lights us… Peace is in you….


    PS: Oh and by the way – I don't bring the casseroles – I like to bring the dessert – Chocolate Covered Strawberries anyone???

  • http://www.BecomingYourOwnIntuitive.com Mary Denaro

    Nancy Dear Nancy! I applaud you for sooo clearly asking for what you needed. I know what a giver you are !

    You are truly a heart-centered entrepreneur!

    I’m singing the Marmolejo song I mentioned to you a few months ago. It’s full of much love, and warmth and fun ; )

    And I send you much light and many blessings,

    If I can help in any way, I await the opportunity. xo

    • http://www.BecomingYourOwnIntuitive.com Mary Denaro

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Nancy Dear Nancy! I applaud you for sooo clearly asking for what you need. I know what a giver you are !

      The way you are handling this crisis paints such a clear picture of what it means to be a heart-centered entrepreneur! – all aspects: asking, ready to jump in to support each other, receiving … and I Love the virtual casserole.

      I’m singing the Marmolejo song to you now – the one I mentioned to you a few months ago. It’s full of so much love, and warmth and fun ; )

      If I can help in any way, I await the opportunity.

      Much love and many blessings,

      Mary xo

  • Nancy Marmolejo

    And I wanted to give you all an update: My husband is out of the hospital now and slowly recovering. He has to get dialysis which is far from fun. I so appreciate all the love and prayers that everyone has sent! Also, there were a bunch of comments that vanished when we did some backend work on the blog, but those will reappear soon. Thank you again to everyone who sent love and well wishes!!

  • http://twitter.com/MarthaGiffen Martha Giffen

    What a beautiful post! I love that you have a “heart-based” business. Hopefully, we are all going down that same path. Your post is encouraging to all of us. Thanks and well wishes to your hubby :)

  • Carrie Saba

    Nancy- I missed your FB post and sending you healing thoughts for your mom, husband and you as well. What a beautiful post this morning to read all the love and support you are receiving and thank you for sharing it with us. It is a wonderful reminder how important business relationships are and loving the people in our lives. Thanks again for sharing.

  • http://www.yourwordsyourvoice.com Lisbeth Tanz

    Beautifully written, Nancy. I think the best blog posts are the ones where we bare just a bit of our souls.

  • http://twitter.com/MelanieKissell Melanie Kissell

    I applaud you, Nancy. It would have been just as easy not to mention a word about the crisis going on in your life and act as if you had your act together and everything in life was peachy. Let’s just call that behavior, “Putting on a front”. I say phooey on that! When the house is on fire, yell “Fire!!”

    What a joy to have people in our lives that, selflessly, step in and offer to help us when we have two many plates to juggle and they’re all about to crash to the floor.

    “Suffering in silence” is NOT a good thing.

    So happy to hear your hubby is out of the hospital and on the yellow brick road to recovery!

  • Anonymous

    I will say a prayer for you and your family.

  • http://www.radiantlifecounseling.com Shelley Riutta

    Nancy this post was so moving—sending you and your family light and love!!

    • http://www.VivaVisibilityBlog.com NancyMarmolejo

      thank you very much Shelley! Things are on the mend.


  • Patricia del Valle

    Hi Nancy,

    Wonderful story. My prayers are with you.

    So glad I found you via Wendy Weiss. Your information on organizing the office is exactly what I need right now. Thank you so much.

    I lived and worked in Orange County for over 35 years. Now I’m in St. Louis.

    Orange County is a great place and in the hub of Southern California. Much success and blessings to you and your family and friends. There is so much to do and enjoy there … so much of nature all around.

    Blessings of peace and healing for your husband, and special love for your family unit.


    • http://www.VivaVisibilityBlog.com NancyMarmolejo

      Thank you for your prayers and support Patricia! Please come back to the
      blog and be sure to check out the 21 tips you can download for free.